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Select the USB flash drive (or CD/DVD) password reset disk to boot from. Step 6. Now back to the home window of the Password Genius, then click " Reset Password " and create a new password. Step 7. Click " Reboot " and you will successfully reset Acer laptop without password.

2.) Go to the Home Assistant configuration directory. 3.) Make a directory for SSL certificates. 4.) Ensure that only the system account and members of its group can access the directory. 5.) Create a self-signed SSL certificate/key pair. 6.). Home Assistant is awesome but it lacks advanced support for showing data, especially over time. There is a much better software for this: Grafana. And it can easily be integrated with Home Assistant . I set up InfluxDB and Grafana with my Home Assistant installation and will show you how to do this in no</b> time in this blog post.

Once you're logged in, you can see the details of your account at the Profile page by clicking on the circular at the very bottom of the sidebar. You can: Change your password. Enable or disable multi-factor authentication. Delete Refresh Tokens. These are created when you log in from a device.

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To reset a user's password, via console. If you know the username, but not the password and you can access the Home Assistant console and use the command below: Connect a keyboard and monitor to your device. auth reset --username existing_user --password new_password. cd to your config directory (where configuration.yaml is located) Thanks. Members. 1.1k. Share. Posted January 28, 2020. I found the paper with my pw, so I'm in. For others with this issue, I found instructions (but did not test it). It said to Stop HA. Rename or delete the Storage directory, restart HA and it shoudl prompt you to create HA account / pw. I hope this helps others.

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Next, run the reset password container helper using the same bind-mount/volume as the data volume: 1. docker run --rm -v portainer_portainer_data:/data portainer/helper-reset-password. Copied! If successful, the output should look like this: 1. 2020/06/04 00:13:58 Password successfully updated for user: admin. 2.

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